GrizzlyPRO LED Hybrid Ultra Work Light

Ultra-useful, Ultra-cool. GrizzlyPRO’s Hybrid Ultra is the definition of convenient and the perfect companion when you’re with or without power.




With more light, and more functionality, check out GrizzlyPRO’s Hybrid LED work light. Use it corded or cordless!

Operate as plug-in corded 230V work light, OR with fitting one of GrizzlyPRO Hybrid Ultra Battery Adapters (not included) just slide in your existing* power tool 18V Li-ion battery.
*The existing battery needs to be 1 of 6 compatible popular brands.

Grizzly’s Hybrid ULTRA LED work light provides copious amounts of lighting and with its long-lasting integrated COB LED meets the demands of the professional to the serious DIY’er, for indoor and outdoor applications such as workshops, elevated on-site lighting, projects, mobile demands, outdoor activities, power outages, and emergencies.

GrizzlyPRO lights project a wash light. A “wash” will bathe an area with light and have “soft” edges on the beam. Washes are great for evenly lighting up large areas like architecture, walls, workshops and construction sites.

Heavy-duty cast aluminium and industrial ABS housing provide strength and durability along with a powder-coated aluminium frame for overall toughness. Large dual hanger hooks suited for hanging over scaffolding etc. Fully adjustable stand/body allowing pivot and tilt angles for the greater convenience of positioning the light where required, plus an integrated tripod mount and fasteners for greater versatility.

Grizzly’s Hybrid Ultra Battery Adapter has one convenient USB (1A) charging port to easily power your mobile device in a time of need.

Grizzly’s Hybrid Ultra LED work light will always have the light right where you need it, and no longer would you run out of juice ever again.
Productivity is paramount to tradies’ needs and GrizzlyPRO is there to back you up.

Lumens: 5,000 Lumens high, 40W
Light cycle High (on 230V), High, Medium, Low (on 18V Battery)
Colour temperature: 5700k cool white
Overall dimensions: 390mm x 222mm x 222mm (incl base)
230V 50Hz
1.5M Power cord
Waterproof level: IP65
SAA Approved

To operate the Hybrid ULTRA in cordless mode, then you will need a GrizzlyPRO Battery Adapter to install with your existing* power tool 18V Li-ion battery.
GMAHR – GrizzlyPRO Battery Adapter MA/H/B (Green) is Compatible with 18V Li-ion batteries by MA = Makita, H = Hitachi/Hikoki, B = Bosch.
GMIHR – GrizzlyPRO Battery Adapter DE/MI/ME (Red) is Compatible with 18V Li-ion batteries by DE = DeWalt, MI = Milwaukee, ME = Metabo.